Holy Holidays Batman!



Today was a good day.  The morning was spent preparing the house for the Holidays!  The kids were really excited.  I was excited to sit and watch their excitement.  I’m sad to say that I was so engrossed in watching that I failed to photograph those moments.  I think the girls were taking some photos as well so I’ll scan their devices later.  (*note to self:  scan other devices for pics)

This is the 2nd year we’ve gone with the artificial tree.  Last year I even left the lights on so it was one less thing we’d have to worry with this year.  #winning. The Mr is such a neat freak (organized and loving man) and had everything categorized by holiday/season in the basement so the kids were throwing up the ornaments on the tree with a quickness I’ve not seen since…well since Halloween when they hit the front door with 10 pounds of candy and rushed to the table to see how fast they could eat it.  There was only 1 meltdown (ok, 2) and I apologized already.  I allowed the kids to decorate the entire tree.  I don’t even care.  It hit me in that moment that I’ve got cancer, these are not the moments to argue.  They had fun and I was less stressed.  I may not even go rearrange them once they go to sleep.  (and in my defense my concern was the safety of the ornaments that cannot be replaced if they were broken). Honestly, the results are beautiful and I love them.  I’m even happier that it was done with less stress after letting go!!  The results speak for themselves.  Good job girls!


I did some grocery shopping today and provided a meal for these people of mine.  Mostly I stayed in my pajamas on the couch…or in a chair…or in my bed.  I enjoy the newly rearranged and decorated living room.  It makes me feel a little festive which is somehow more important but also tiring.  What’s up with that?

We spent the evening together watching some Netflix or Hulu original show.  We unashamedly ate an entire bag of Oreo Double-stuff cookies with no milk (like heathens, not because there’s no milk but because milk hates me).  While chatting with a friend online the following happened which is also going to be considered as

My Happy:



3 Replies to “Holy Holidays Batman!”

  1. Ever the bright star! Love you and your peeps!

    FYI…my sister, Debra, had to have artificial tree due to being immunocomprised. Who ever knew?!

    Your home looks beautiful. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Taylors

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