‘Tis the Season


Last night was my work Christmas party.  It was at the White Horse Golf Club in Kingston, WA.  Very nice place for a party.  There was ample seating, it was kid friendly (which means all the kids ran around like the crazy people they are and nobody cared because they were contained), there was an open bar (all the beer, wine, soda, coffee, cider you wanted, mixed drinks for a fee-very fair in my opinion), plenty of appetizers floating around (and in retrospect I wish I had eaten more of them) then the main course was served.  We had prime rib, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, seasoned veggies (zucchini, broccoli, squash, onion, carrot, cauliflower) once the cauliflower was picked out the veggies were really good!  My favorite thing was what I initially thought was a tuna salad but turned out to be salmon.  It was really good on crackers (or off crackers).  

This was my first Christmas party with this company and I was really impressed.  There was a DJ who launched all kinds of games for the kids.  There was a hula hoop contest, a limbo contest, a flossing contest (Google the Floss dance) that I had to participate in for the kids!  🙂  I will say that I don’t like to be embarrassed and if you’ve seen me dance you’ll understand what a huge step it was for me to get out there and do the Floss—especially since my 8-year-old has been trying to teach it to me for weeks and I just can’t seem to get it.  Cancer has shown me that it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that my kids will remember me out on the dance floor enjoying myself with them.  I did not win the Flossing contest.  

I entered the hula hoop competition.  Dr Sharma attempted it as well.  He did not win and I did not win…but I wasn’t the first one out either!  In my defense these were the “real” hula hoops that we used as kids and not the weighted one I can keep up forever at home!!  Now that I know this is a thing every year (these girls came prepared and I plan on stepping up my game next year—look out Moreno!!)

All the fun aside, I really enjoyed hanging out with the friends I work with.  To call them ‘co-workers’ really doesn’t accurately describe them because they’re so much more.  They’ve become my extended family.  All of them.  I guess I’m saying I miss more than just paydays.  

There was a holiday gift exchange—a dirty Santa game of sorts.  I did not participate in this event this year…I had no idea what they would consider an appropriate gift and I was just a little too busy this week to mess with it.  From what I saw there was a lot of booze gifted around.  No wonder my peeps are always happy!  I have a better idea of how to comply next year.  LOL

So that’s my weekend edition.  4 sleeps until chemo day.  I’ll take the time and do some stuff that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had time for.  I’ll be working on refinishing a dresser!  I love sanding, staining and waxing a beautiful piece of furniture.  It’s a peaceful way to spend the day.  I should take a picture of the project so I can keep myself honest and on task!!  I’m excited to see the outcome!  Keeping busy.  That’s what it’s about. Mind. Body. Soul.  Occupied.  (Or is that ADHD?) Bottom line is that if there’s less time to think…there’s less time to think.

To recap:  the plan this week is to just stay busy.  I have a friend arriving to town on Wednesday.  She will have the distinct pleasure of being present during the aftermath of my initial chemo treatment on Thursday.  I’ve got no choice but for it to go well because I have a plane to catch the Friday so I can go see Myles Kennedy (with Tim Tournier and company) perform in Spokane.  Quick trip back home the next day, rest up then head to Seattle Sunday to see them again!  These events have been planned for months and I’ve been looking forward to them.  My approach is this:  I don’t have time to be sick because I have life to live.  I’ll eat as many anti-nausea pills as it takes!  Music is my joy and it gives me strength to carry on!  

My Happy:  Today it’s the residual feeling from spending some time with my friends from work!  Such a boost!

To close, here’s some photos to enjoy


5 Replies to “‘Tis the Season”

  1. Jill,
    I always loved to visit when you lived in St Joe. I was always jealous of Jonathan getting the attention.
    I’m still recovering from breast cancer. I had invasive ductal carcinoma on the right side and adenocarcinoma on the left. Chemo almost killed me, but I stayed positive for my girls. I was cleared in September but now have lymph nodes swollen under my arm. I go for a biopsy on Thursday.
    Like you I am also a nurse. I got my MSN while stationed in FL. I’m here if you have any questions no matter how small or large the question may be. You’ll be in my prayers.

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  2. “Keeping busy. That’s what it’s about…”. I distinctly remember standing in Nell’s driveway on a Friday…(we had to wait till Monday for results)…& she looks up😳. I knew what would be coming next! “Trish!, let’s clean windows.” Holy hell!!! Those windows are high- up! 😬. Of course, I said….”that sounds like a great idea!” Cuz I knew she needed to be busy and busy we were❤️ Love you dearly!

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