Can It Be 2019 Already? Etc…

First day back at work is a mixed bag. I was so excited to get up and have something productive to do that included earning money. I got there so early I was locked out because I couldn’t remember how to get into the building or shut off the alarm.  I had to get password resets done and all that fun stuff as well.  Then it was off and working from 7:00 this morning until I just petered out after taking a small break for lunch.  I became exhausted and asked to leave a little early.  Fortunately I did not leave them in a bind and it was otherwise a very nice day though I didn’t feel as if I connected much with my work friends.  It felt a little weird because now I’m different and I’ve been gone seemingly forever (since 11/9) I felt like the new girl.  Tomorrow we’re closed and I’ll go back Wednesday to a better day.  (it wasn’t a bad day today, I just left feeling defeated by my body)

After work I had to run a couple of the most painful errands–the ones you have to run and you really would rather curl up in the fetal position  and take a nap. I had to pick up my nausea script and then got a text that these people broke the coffee pot and needed a new one so thankfully Walgreen’s has a cheap pot and I was able to avoid an additional stop until Colby text me to let me know he was fixing supper and needed 3 items.  I weighed the idea of me cooking vs him cooking and took what I hope is the easier path and went to the grocery store right quick.

Arrival at the home unit also met with mixed reviews.  Nobody to greet me, had to carry my own mess into the house to include their new coffee pot (because apparently I couldn’t take 2 trips or go inside and ask politely for someone to grab said items) and now I sit in pajamas in front of the heater because I have been so cold all day long.  It’s a beautiful spot to be in and I wonder how long until my supper is ready when I realize again that I left work early and it’s only like 3:00.  Now that I’m warm and have rested a bit I’m ready to hit the other big task that’s been waiting me:

Colby has been asking to do this for weeks so here’s his chance.  We’ve bleached it, washed it, dried it and applied the color.  He’s somewhat patiently been waiting for the time to pass but is now in the shower for the final reveal.

In the midst of that we managed to cook up a really good meal of chicken Carbonaro that was likely one of the best meals I’ve cooked.  (yes, I ended up doing most of the cooking but I enjoy it so it’s not a huge burden)

It feels like a regular day to me and not New Years Eve.  I cannot believe that a year this has been.  I said earlier on Facebook that 2018 was both the best and worst year for me personally.  Ultimately I’m still finishing up on top because the up side to the year is that The Mr and I have really made some positive strides in our relationship and are at the healthiest place we’ve ever been as a couple.  The changes there I would not trade for anything.  The worst is obviously the cancer and financial devastation but at the end of the day as long as my family is well-functioning and happy I couldn’t ask for much more. (if only that paid the rent).

It’s now 6:30 and I can assure you that I will not be awake when the new year rolls in so I hope y’all have a safe and festive night.  Happy 2019 from Taylor Town!!



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